Arabeschi di latte

Ultra_authentic ultramarino

Edition: 2017

“Ultra” is an augmentative affix to say beyond, over, and it’s used in expression like Ultramondano, Ultracotto, Ultrarepubblicano to enhance, to exagerate the adjective with which is combined. During the workshop we will explore what adding the affix “ultra” to “authentic” could mean, what could bring on the table.

In a society where trends, news, anything are augmented daily, we want to be at the forefront of the new “ultra-authentic” movement.

We will build up an “Ultra-authentic Ultramarino”. We will make experiments to create new ultra authentic products. Borrowing the spanish word “Ultramarino” (the old fashioned word referring to groceries stores), in the final presentation we will collect the experiments in the spaces of Room Cucina, for a an ultra-authentic feast.

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