Andrea Zanderigo

The second Chimæra

Edition: 2017
Workshop: The second Chimæra

In genetics, the Chimæra is an organism that contains at least two different sets of DNA, most often originating from the fusion of as many different zygotes. The outstanding Cathedral of Syracuse isn't simply built on some substantial remnants of the Athenaion. It rather crossbreeds a Doric temple and a Baroque church, ultimately achieving the impossible status of a Chimæra, an explicit and utterly fascinating difficult whole.

The Talete parking is way too big to be demolished, spanning 280 meters along the sea. No disguise can truly manage to hide it; no embellishment can make it acceptable. We can only start appreciating it for what it is, a brutal, ignorant infrastructural architecture from the 80s, the product of a process probably more focused in sharing dividends among the producers than ultimately profiting the city itself. What if we were considering it for once as a serious piece of architecture? What if we were looking for a suitable DNA to be crossbred with it? The second Chimæra of Syracuse might well be the long-looked-for solution...

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