SUN-SHELTER a physical conversation with the sun

We owe our life to the sun. Overexposure to sunlight is harmful, but so is overprotection. We need to keep the right balance between protection and exposure, exploring the ways in which design can support responsible and happy living under the sun.

By the end of July, Siracusa will most likely reach the highest temperatures of the year. So everyone will be looking for shade. Which place would you like to give shade to? What would be a convenient or exciting kind of shade/light-play? What are the materials and colours of the direct environment? How could you integrate the ‘shade-cloth’ in situ? What should be the size? The form? And for whom? In this workshop we'll explore your concerns and wishes regarding the sun.

Together with MADE we collected materials that are abundant in the surroundings. From agricultural waste to materials discarded by the locals - you'll find an interesting range of materials ready to use. Through thinking and material testing you’ll shape a final object. On the last day you’ll place the object in situ and make a short movie of the shaded setting. 

  • Slot 1

1st slot . 22—27.July

Workshop by: Belén